Building a self-love tool box: Angel wings

White soft angel's wings and paper heart pinned on wooden light turquoise background.

As the mother of two young girls, I’m already bracing myself for those oh-so-fun “transformative” teenage years. You know, the ones where hormones take over their bodies and they repeatedly test your vow to love them unconditionally? Yeah, those ones.

Little did I know I’d start getting doses of those hormones at the ripe age of seven. Instead of testing my love, those sweet little emotions broke my heart.

Similar to me, my eldest daughter is a very sensitive soul and easily wounded by the world around her. Perhaps I was being naïve in thinking that she would be sheltered from how challenging this journey called “life” can be until at least the fourth or fifth grade. But unfortunately, she’s already started experiencing what I would describe as the early stages of bullying.

How do I explain to a seven year-old that the world is set-up this way? That it’s one big training ground for all of us to evolve and grow, mean people included?

Since I don’t know the answer to that question yet, I decided to start with what I do know and what I know she can understand—angels.

Before we left the Bay area to move to San Diego, I gave each of my best girlfriends an angel wing necklace with the following inscription: “Angels help us rise above all that tries to hold us down.”

When my daughter’s tears started flowing, I promptly took off my angel wings and gave them to her as a reminder that she can rise above anyone or anything that tries to hold her down. Of course being the essential oil lover that I am, I also rubbed a blend of joy, orange and fractionated coconut oil on her wrists and neck.

It’s been a few months since she started wearing her angel wings and she seems to be less bothered by the daily trials and tribulations of life in elementary school. That’s not to say we don’t experience doses of those emotions, but at least we have some tools in place to help her work through them.

Continue to rise above my little one, rise above.

With love, lipstick and lavender,


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