Meet Olivia…

  • Grateful mother of two beautiful girls. Can’t get enough of them!
  • City slicker turned beach lover. Although I definitely left my heart in San Francisco.
  • Former public relations and marketing executive. Wouldn’t change a thing but I love my life now.
  • Oil obsessed. Peppermint and “mellow mix”are staples in my purse.
  • Spiritual seeker. I love me some healers.

After almost 20 years as a global publicist, marketing executive and spokesperson, I knew it was time to follow my gut and take the leap into the unknown journey of being an entrepreneur.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make as I had what was arguably one of the coolest corporate jobs a girl could ask for: head of brand engagement for Gap. What the heck does that mean might you ask? Basically, it was my job to build an emotional connection between Gap and millennials through experiences like events, partnerships and sponsorships. Over the years, I interviewed the celebrities who starred in our campaigns, oversaw sponsorships at big events like the Met Gala and Lollapalooza, and appeared on shows like EXTRA! and Access Hollywood as the brand’s spokesperson. It was a dream job.

But there was this other side of me who spent all of my free time exploring the mind, body, spirit connection. I became fascinated with healers, particularly those who were able to receive information from “the other side.” I had my numerology chart done by one of the best numerologists in the business and spent years with him as my life coach. I read countless books on spirituality and learned how to meditate. I left Bikram yoga and started practicing Vinyasa (no offense to the Bikram lovers out there but I needed to flow!), began paying more attention to the food I was eating and discovered essential oils.

As much as I love the bohemian side of myself, I know I will never be a free spirit or look good in head-to-toe fringe! Hence, the idea for this site was born. I know there are many modern women out there, just like me, who want to explore holistic living in a way that doesn’t turn them into someone they’re not or take them to the extreme end of the spectrum.

I believe there’s a happy medium, a middle ground, a space where lipstick meets lavender.