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Listening to your inner guidance

The past few days have been funky. Nothing is “wrong” per se. In fact, if I could stop judging every aspect of my life and look at it from a 1,000 ft. spiritual perspective, I’d say everything is moving right along as planned. But it’s true that my energy has been off, my to-do list has been growing and my mind feels murky.

Eager to get my day started as early as possible this morning, I dove right into work at 8:05 a.m. At 11:37 a.m., I realized I was still in my pajamas. I felt uncomfortable as if I was crawling out of my skin, and I found myself second-guessing my decision to become an entrepreneur. Instead of letting myself go down the rabbit hole as I so often do when my mind feels murky, I took a deep breath and followed my instinct to get out of the house.

To help ground myself, I slathered my new ‘Magnify Your Purpose‘ oil all over my wrists and headed down to the beach, which is usually a guaranteed sweet spot for clearing my mind and reconnecting. However, about five minutes into my walk, I still felt uncomfortable so I went back to the car and started driving. I didn’t know where I was going but I saw two sevens (my soul number!) along the way so I knew I was pointed in the right direction.

With my computer and notebook in hand, I ended up at my favorite café where I proceeded to ask for my food to go. As I was waiting for my food, I changed my mind and sat down to eat there. When my food came, I changed seats again. At this point in time, I thought I was losing my you-know-what until I tuned into the conversation next to me and overheard the following:

“I just keep BREATHING and praying…”
“I feel really UNCOMFORTABLE right now…”
“I know I just need to be with this experience and keep pushing FORWARD…”
“I’m a holistic life coach, author and speaker…I’m in the MASSIVE CROSSOVER space where all things health, wellness and spirituality connect…”

Talk about a direct message from the Universe! I literally wanted to jump up and hug this man. He was my mirror, a reflection of everything I had felt that morning, a reminder that I was on the right path.

It turns out these two strangers were both entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space who had met just minutes before I changed seats. As they said goodbye, my mirror hugged his new friend and said, “there are no accidents.”

While I know it’s cliché, the phrase couldn’t have been more poignant in that moment. It wasn’t an accident that I was there. I was meant to hear that conversation but I never would have heard it if I wasn’t listening to my intuition.

Are you listening?

With love, lipstick and lavender,