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Feeling unsettled? Here’s a way to find hope.

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said “change is the only constant in life.” Yet in our modern culture, we’re not raised to embrace the varying levels of uncertainty that this adventure called life guarantees us.

On top of our individual challenges, the world around us seems to be increasingly more distressing. Long before the nightly news took a backseat to online news outlets, I had already prohibited myself from watching the sensationalized drama. But even staying connected to more balanced news organizations like the New York Times and CNN is challenging. Last week, it took me several days to muster up the courage to look at some photos from the chemical attack in Syria.

Between our own personal paths and the struggles of the world around us, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and powerless. So, how can we find faith in times of turmoil?

It might surprise you to hear the answer is quite simple: by connecting with your inner self. There’s an amazing power within each one of us to choose our reaction to a situation. To choose hope over despair, action over complacency, power over fear.

While it might sound easier said than done, there are many tools available to help you find that inner voice including one of my favorites: meditation. Just so you know, meditation is not something that comes easily to me. Like many people I know, it’s hard for me to settle my mind and connect with my higher self. But when I do, it’s nothing short of magic. I feel calmer, happier and more grounded.

Additionally, there are many meditation resources available for beginners as well as those who are more seasoned. Personally, I prefer to do guided meditations and love the 21-day meditations from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. There are 13 collections to choose from and each time a new one launches, it’s free for a limited amount of time if you’re a registered member of the site. Today, they released their latest series: Hope in Uncertain Times, which was the inspiration for this post and as they describe, “a way to embrace uncertainty as an opportunity to grow and evolve.”

If you’re looking to find hope, strengthen your sense of hope or just simply learn how to quiet your mind and connect with your inner knowing, I highly encourage you to check out this series. Even if you can’t find the time to do the meditation portion every day, the short messages from Oprah and Deepak at the start of each meditation are worth every minute!

With love, lipstick and lavender,






Welcome to my Middle Ground

If you’re reading this, we’re probably more alike than you think. Are you someone who starts her day off by sweating out the toxins in a hot yoga class and then proceeds to replace all of those toxins with a glass of pinot (or two!) that same evening? Have you taken a shot of kimchi to promote gut health and then washed it down with a slab of blue cheese and crackers? When your kids are having trouble sleeping for the bazillionth time, have you tried rubbing lavender on their feet and then given up and busted out the benadryl? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’re well on our way to becoming fast friends! Here’s the deal: I’m not a free spirited, crunchy-munchy, earth mama. I believe Western medicine serves an important purpose, and I’m a foodie that can’t seem to find my “off button” with certain bad-for-my-gut goodies like cheese (clearly there’s a theme here!).  At the same time, I’m super invested and passionate about the mind, body, spirit connection. I believe that Western medicine could learn more than a thing or two from Eastern medicine. I stalk spiritual gurus on Instagram, make regular visits to my acupuncturist to unblock all the work I’ve done to block my chi and practice hot, stinky yoga. Simply put, I fall into what I like to call the “middle ground”–a space where lipstick meets lavender.

The “middle ground” is exactly why I founded this site. I believe there are many like-minded, modern women out there like me who are curious about exploring different elements of holistic living but who find it intimidating or unattainable within their current lifestyles. My goal is to show you there can be an easy middle ground based on what that middle ground looks like for me.

As someone who has been exploring the mind, body, spirit connection for ten years, I have a lot to share with you that falls under the “umbrella” of holistic living—everything from face readers, intuitives and numerologists, to meditations, blogs, books, cleanses, retreats and essential oils. The list is endless and there are many funny stories to go along with it.

So buckle up my friends…let’s get this journey started!

With love, lipstick and lavender,